AirHES - global solution for energy-water-climate

The most powerful natural process - water cycle - uses the 1/4 of Sun energy and distributes this energy equally for all Earth. Air Hydro Power ( is new invention that allows by using only 1% of this energy to get equal access to huge amount of the cheap renewable energy and the fresh water for all people and countries, and to save climate from pollution by CO2 and heat.

  1. AirHES
    Auction of national patents for 38 European States is opened!

    You can get a national patent for AirHES for any European State for 3000 Euro only! It is even less than a usual cost of any national patent, plus you get the grandiose Intellectual Property to give your country a new huge renewable resource of green energy and fresh water, save ecology and climate!

    Water Cycle is the most powerful process in Nature – about 1/4 of Sun’s Energy. Since the annual precipitation is about 1 m of rainfall, it matches a huge power ~ 800 TW that is more than 60 times greater than all the current needs of humanity and more than 400 times greater than all electrical power stations.

    Why the usual Hydropower gives so little from Water Cycle power? Because the flow of all rivers is 11 times less than all precipitation and all rivers power is 200 times less than Cloud Power.
    How to avoid this power loss?
    • Collect water in place where it condenses really, i.e. directly in clouds
    • Use all possible hydro power head in any place of land or ocean
    We suggested the technology for realization this idea - AirHES - Air Hydro Power.

    Major trend is the transition to renewable energy sources. It then becomes clear that resources are only sufficient for sun and (possibly) wind. Traditional hydropower does not have enough resources. However, the use of cloud energy changes this assessment. Principally it results from economics. All three methods of conversion (PV, wind, clouds) are the same order of magnitude of the energy density (~ 100 W/m2) , but only for AirHES all this energy with virtually no loss can be merged into one point (pipe/turbine), making part of the proportional m2 far cheaper than other alternatives. This implies ROI > 1000% that allows quickly rebuild the energetics and successfully pass the collapse of energy & climate in 2050.

    SUBSTANCE: device comprises a lower reach 1, an upper reach 2, a water conduit 3, a turbogenerator 4 and surfaces 5. Surfaces 5 are made as capable of receiving atmospheric moisture from the air flow and delivering it to the upper reach. Besides, surface 5 are raised to the height above the dew point for these atmospheric conditions. To support the surfaces 5, balloons or airships 6 are used.
    EFFECT: expansion of functional capabilities and increased specific capacity of HPP by using maximum possible difference of heights between upper and lower reaches from height of actual condensation of atmospheric moisture in a cloud to ground level.


    1. cheap freshwater - worldwide easy access to ideal drinking water (distillate)
    2. cheap hydropower - worldwide easy access to huge resource of renewable energy (water cycle - second value after Solar power)
    3. cheap eco fuel - generating hydrogen by using the distillate & hydropower close to equator, and transporting it by using aerostats to northern industrial areas
    4. solution of global heating - decreasing CO2, saving climate and environment
    1. cheap freshwater ~ 1 bln people, especially in 3rd world countries
    2. cheap hydropower ~ 5 bln people, especially close to equator and trade wind area, and to zones of intense precipitation in the climate map (South Europe, USA, Latin America, Central Africa, India, China, Japan, Indochina)
    3. cheap eco fuel ~ "golden" 1 bln people (eco cars, etc.)
    4. solution of global heating ~ 7 bln people worldwide
    Products & Services:
    1. cheap freshwater - wide accessibility, cool temperature, high pressure, ideal quality, low cost (~ 1.5 cent/m3)
    2. cheap hydropower - wide accessibility, unlimited resource, green energy, low cost (~ 0.3 cent/kWh)
    3. AirHES is compact on ground, modular and mobile, and also used for WiFi, telecommunication, video surveillance, advertising, lightning protection, regulation of climate, AD, shade, etc
    $3000+ /EU State


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